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Healing Oracle Cards

Healing Oracle Cards

About the Deck

This deck of cards has been gifted by spirit at this much needed time in our existence. These magic symbols of light codes are channeled from higher beings sent to unlock and activate dormant aspects within your DNA helping align you with the frequencies of energy streaming onto our planet. They purify balance and support you in living your highest potential.


An Excerpt From the Box

Working with the angelic realms and higher beings of light have enabled me to bring forth these wonderful healing oracle cards. Codes and symbols are spirit's way of communicating and opening up the divine aspect of who we are.


For those who believe that the universe speaks to them by means of intuition these cards can guide you to unlock dormant aspects of your subconscious mind facilitating positive change and bringing about healing on a deep soul level.


These Multiversal cards with their powerful symbols and vibrations are pure magik activating higher frequencies which may lead you to limitless opportunity for spiritual growth and ascension. All you have to do is be open to their magik and feel the universal energy that flows through them. If you are very sensitive, you will feel their power instantaneously.Higher beings of light are full of love and compassion for humankind. They want you to connect and listen for their messages. Sapere aude!May they lead you to enlightenment and bring healing to mind, body and soul. Enhancing your own intuition bringing Joy to your life.


Channelled and designed by Jean La Ronde, intuitive artist, spiritual healer and founder of spiritual balance.


Pack Includes: 28 Card Deck 

Card Size: Approximately 14cm at the widest point.



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